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About Twisted Tree Farm

When our realtor asked us what we had to have in our new farm, I had a strange request. "I want a really great, twisty, climbing tree," I said. Factor in we were shopping for this imaginary house online from 2700 miles away, and I think it's safe to safe our agent had his work cut out for him. He found us the perfect home, with the perfect twisty climbing tree, and we've turned this little piece of heaven into Twisted Tree Farm.

A lifelong horse enthusiast turned professional equestrian, I had to revamp what that meant for me when we picked up and moved across the country to pursue a job opportunity for my husband, and an opportunity to raise our kids in a lower-tech, dirt-friendly environment. I have a bachelor's degree in equine business management, and have managed farms large and small, run a YMCA horse camp, and trained private clients as well as a high school IEA team. With three small kids at home, I wanted a way to involve them in my work. This move was a golden opportunity for me to do what I do best: helping injured and/or malnourished horses recover and thrive, and insecure/reactive/scared horses build trust in themselves and in people, and become more solid citizens. We have extensive experience in body condition rehabilitation, diet modification and management, wound care and management, fracture rehabilitation, care for tendon/ligament injuries, and behavioral modification, with an emphasis in groundwork. 

Please contact us for availability, details, and pricing.

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